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An international editing and copy writing service for legal, business, and engineering professionals.

Written text is a specific message conveyed to a specific audience. Proofreading is not simply an exercise in ensuring the use of correct grammar and punctuation. It is an exercise in message optimization and clarification.

The right proofreader and editor will clean a document—and strengthen it. The Legal Proofreader offers specific expertise for specific professional needs that other generalized proofreading services cannot adequately provide.

This is vital in legal pleadings, briefs, and papers translated into English from other languages, as well as technical engineering and other documentation.

The Legal Proofreader offers a variety of services, from basic proofreading to complete editing and rewriting and original copy writing and ghost-blogging.

With nearly 15 years of professional legal practice and over 20 years of writing and editing experience, John Hilla can double-check your work, editing as necessary, or offer complete editing to ensure that your reader gets the right point—and only the right point.

Visit our Services page to read more about what we do and our About page to read more about our staff. We look forward to working with you.